• Waterproofing

  • Why Water Proof Your Roof

    Many roof leaks are not discovered until they have already created extensive damage. Many leaks will never be detected because the water leaks into areas that you simply can't see. The problem with a leaky roof is that you will often discover the problem when it's too late and it has already caused significant damage, requiring expensive repair work. So, it is not uncommon for even small leaks over time, to cause enough damage to your roof that replacing the roof becomes more cost-effective than repairing the roof. Roof leaks can not only cause damage to your roof, but the underlays, ceilings and walls. Aside from structural damage, roof leaks can cause damage  valuable property such as computers, printers and other office equipment. By waterproofing your roof, you can keep your walls, ceiling and equipment dry. 

  • Water Proofing Can Save You Money

    A good waterproofing of your roof can last up to 10 years and can eliminate the need for roof maintenance repairs. A waterproofed roof will help you save money on air conditioning costs, as many waterproofing applications contain chemicals that actually repel sun rays. Thus, a substantial amount of the suns rays are reflected away, keeping your home cool on the hottest days.

  • Extending The Life of Your Roof

    Waterproofing not only prevents leaks, it shields the roof from thunderstorms, heavy winds and extreme heat.